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In today’s era, everyone is worried about career and everyone also wants that he should be at the height of his career. For this we need the right direction and direction, but it is more so when we are in our schooling life. Because, our mindset starts developing from the same time that what to do next.But now we are looking for such a career option course in which we can establish our best career. For this, we are introducing you to such a better career option course, whose operations are increasing day by day. Web Designing course is the most popular course in today’s time.

By completing this course, you can earn not only good career option but also good money.Most of the people prefer to work in Government Sector or Private Sector, but you can prepare a good background for yourself by doing web design course, which will give a new identity to your life, which will be a million times better than Government Sector.

In this modern internet world, if you do not have your own identity, then probably no one knows you. In this situation, it is necessary to have your own identity (Individual Identity) on the Internet, which is possible through web designing course. Therefore, all the information related to Web Designing Course

What Is Web Design 

There is a process of designing the web page of the website, in which many technical terms are used, this process is called web design.In other words, arranging Web-page, Content, Content Creation, Content Design, Page Layout, Graphics Design etc. properly is called web design and it is also called Web Development Design process in technical terms.

Any website or web-page is made with the help of Hyper Text Markup Language, whose abbreviation is HTML, it is a Computer Programming Language whose structure is in the form of Coding. Web Designer does a beautiful website design course using HTML Language to design web.

web design evaluation

Most of the websites are built with HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) language which appears smoothly on the browser. It has many more technical terms.

like; To Create New Website, Manage Graphics Design, Page Structure, Internal Designing of Website, Content Production, Site Maintenance, etc. Which is an important part of it, which is taught under the web design course course.

In this course special focus is given on some specific topics like; HTML, CSS, CSS2, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, Canva, Web-Hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization, JAVA etc.

Web Design Classes In Mumbai


Web Design is an Interest Based course which does not require any special degree nor any age limit. You are eligible to do this course anytime according to your interest. Web design course can be done easily after 10th / 12th or after graduation.But there is an age limit to learn and understand any subject/object. In this course, special types of software, language, tools and script etc. are told, which should be able to understand.

Web design course is a bit difficult subject so it can be completed easily after 12th or after graduation and degree can also be used to get a good job.


possible from 10th/12th

Essential from the point of view of graduation job

communication skills

english skills

basic computer knowledge

marketing understanding

creative skills

greatest passion

Also required skills:


Knowledge of Programming Languages

Knowledge of software


time management

Good Communication Skills

Keen eye for detail

Skill in visual design

good interpersonal skills

Ability to work in strict deadlines

Knowledge of color theory

Knowledge of Typography

Ability to work long hours

Ability to Work in a Team

There are different types of web design courses such as; Diploma, Graduate In Web Designing, Online Diploma etc. The duration of the course also varies, Diploma courses are of 6 months to 1 year and Bachelor’s degree is of 3 years.


In some conditions, diplomas are also of 1 year to 2 years, but in this situation it becomes necessary for the candidate to pass 10th or 12th, only then the candidates are eligible for the courses of this period.


You can start web design course from any big or small institute, seeing how qualified the trainer of that institute is and it is also important to know how much you can expect from that institute.

Apart from this, this course can be completed very easily online, without any fees, for free. There are many online platforms that teach web designing courses for free with the help of online tutorials and e-books.

Web Designing Classes In Mumbai

Web Design Syllabus

Benefits of Web Design Classes In Mumbai

Through this course unique knowledge in the field of computer and opportunity to enter marketing industry, which makes this course major. Most of the candidates prefer to go with this course to have exposure to the global market and better career options.

key advantages

Golden opportunity to put your creativity in front of the world

how to earn money online

global market information

photo video making skills

Biggest achievement in the world of internet

How to become a web designer?

Being a designer is a profession which plays an important role in becoming a designer. You can introduce your ability to the world. Because, this is the world of internet and only those who have some special art are recognized here. By doing this course, you can stand in front of the world as a designer. The purpose of Web Designing Kya Hai is also to introduce you to it.

Nothing is impossible here. If you think that you want to become a better designer, then you will actually become one. Although some special information is required for that, which you will read step by step below.

understand the power of internet

rate the course

gather information

Focus on your favorite category

do the most difficult tasks first

Career in Web Designing | Career Option In Web Designing

As far as the career in web design is concerned, there are many job options after completing it, the main job of a web designer is to design the website, which is the first choice of every new website owner.

Because, most of the work of the website depends on these. That’s why the chances of hiring developers are more.

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Apart from this, you can easily do a job in any company, nowadays every big company is looking for a good web developer, that is why the career of a web developer is most important in the whole world.

If you do not want to work in the company, then you can create a good source of income by opening your own freelancer company. A reputed web developer has many career options available. You can get prestigious jobs by applying in government and non-government organizations.

web designer salary package

Salary of a web designer depends on many parameters like recognized institute Certification, Creative skills, Company etc.

If we talk about a fresher web designer, then he can get a monthly salary of around 12,000 to 25,000 and it depends on his skills that how much salary he is able to get because of his skills. On the other hand, an experienced web designer can get a monthly salary of 30,000 to 60,000.

Famous Career Profiles

Application developers

Games developers

web programmer

Multimedia Programmer

SEO specialist

web content manager

Content writer

web designer

web developers

UX Analyst

UX designer



Web Site Designing Companies

Web Consultancy

Software Development Companies

Website Optimization Companies

Web Marketing Firms

Educational Institutes

Web Domain & Hosting Service Providers

Website Development Firms

Professional Websites

Best Web Design Classes In Mumbai

Frameboxx Best Institute  For Web Design Classes In Mumbai

About Frameboxx


Our journey started in the year 2008, with a vision of becoming India’s leading education brand in the animation industry. A team of spirited entrepreneurs and passionate educators came together to create Frameboxx. Our governing council comprised of technical experts and experienced trainers, is headed by Mr. Rajesh R. Turakhia,who has experience of over 20 years in Animation and Visual Effects industry, he has created two of the leading brands in this field.Under his mentorship, his institutes have given over one lac artists to the Animation and VFX industry. The venture was financially backed by one of the most influential names in the industry, Mr. Manmohan Shetty. 

Collaborations with internationally acclaimed technologists and various animation and VFX studios for internships helped us gain a breakthrough in the job market. Internationally acclaimed Mr. Steve Wright helped us in this journey by writing an international quality course curriculum for us. Eminent filmmaker Mr. Kireet Khurana was empaneled as the head of the Frameboxx Governing Council which is formed up of industry leaders such as Ashish S.K. and Pankaj Khandpur.We are India’s first multi location brand to have a studio as partner. Our head office is awarded the ‘Centre of Excellence’ recognition by MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council). 

We are Authorised Study Centre for YCMOU (The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University) for conducting Degree Courses.Our biggest strength: Frameboxx is the only national training studio that is owned and run by Industry professionals.



In the era of prevailing creative art schools, redefining the age old training methods was necessary. A fresh approach to the training system was required. To fill this vacuum, Frameboxx was established with a vision to create industry-ready artists. Over the last decade, we have produced versatile digital artists across the globe.We offers skill-based curricula to help students specialize their careers in Animation, VFX (Visual Effects), Game asset Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Multimedia, Broadcast design and other related creative and technical sectors. 

Our skill-based training comprises of degree and specialized certificate courses that enhance professional competence and provides distinguished learning.Our course curriculum is the perfect mix of theory and practical sessions to learn the aesthetic values with real life problem solving techniques. Innovation and a team of experienced and passionate instructors is the core strength of our training studio. To reinforce the curriculum we regularly conduct Master class sessions through leading industry evangelists.



To get the best out of you, you will be trained to enhance your creative and technical skills. This process takes a final shape when we provide you with industry specific assignments to work on. You will fetch the benefit of practically experiencing the creative process of the digital entertainment industry. Various projects will keep you abreast with the new technology and media.Learning the latest trends in Animation, VFX (Visual Effects), Game asset Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Multimedia, Broadcast Design, and Film Making will help you in building a lucrative career in new digital age. 

Our versatile training and personal mentoring focuses on mastering various technical and interpersonal skills.As stated earlier, we match the latest technological trends with our techniques to contribute in the growth of the student. Bringing fresh energy to our processes and emphasizing on our core strengths is a vital part of our mission. User-friendly working environment and quality training programs act as an artistic merit of our training studio. 

Training through experienced trainers practical exposure, working on live projects are contributing in the process of overall professional development of our students. Today, we have built an atmosphere that opens new gateways of creativity and innovation for our students. Frameboxx has one of the most transparent placement portals that provides career opportunities to its students in leading Animation and VFX studios all over India. 

Our students have worked on prestigious Hollywood and Bollywood feature film projects in studios such as DNEG, Technicolor, Prime Focus, Framestore, Pixel Digital Studios, Rockstar, Red Chillies VFX, Weta Digital, Accenture, Dreamworks, Legend, Makuta Visual Effects, MPC, Viacom 18 , Golden Robot, NY VFXWAALA, Tata Elxsi, Deluxe, Tau Films, Vistaprint, Bubble Creations, After, Labyrinth, philmCGI to name a few. Become a part of this journey. Learn to animate your imagination and explore new dimensions of the digital world.

Be a Frameboxxer. Become an Expert.


Course Modules

Web Design Course: FAQs

Ques. What is a web designing course?

Ans. Web designing courses allow the aspirants to gain knowledge about the design of websites, how to improve the user experience, interface design, coding, and many more.

Ques. What subjects are needed for web designing?

Ans. The important subjects of web designing courses are web design using HTML, flash action script, design fundamentals, CSS, website hosting, etc.

Ques. How long is a Web Design Course?

Ans. The duration of the course will vary according to the course level. If it is an online certificate course, it may take around 6 months. A bachelor’s degree course is of 3 years while a master’s degree course is of two years

Ques. Is web designing in high demand?

Ans. The demand for web designers is high. Apart from that, companies search for multi-talented professionals who can continue with the market and perform more than one role. The demand for web designers is high. Apart from that companies search for multi-talented professionals who can continue with the market

Ques. What are the common job profiles after completing web designing courses?

Ques. Is web designing easy?

Ans. If the candidates know basic website programming and have an aptitude for designing websites and a keen eye for detail then Web designing can be really easy to grasp.

Ques. What is the average salary after completing a web designing course?

Ans. A web designer in India earns around INT 270,000 per annum.


Student Video Testimonials

Student Review

Web Design Classes In Mumbai Graphic Designing Course In Mumbai

Utkarsh Juwatkar Student

I am currently doing degree course - bachelor in science animation and multimedia at frameboxx 2.0 thane branch. It is not just an institute for me. Here, creativity and individual talent is encouraged. I am currently learning graphic designing as a first year student under our very capable Dimple ma'am, who really makes grasping things easier for us and at a pace that every student can understand. The rest of the faculty too, is so skilled and disciplined at their work yet at the same time very wasy going when it comes to doubt solving . They provide solutions to our problems at an individual level and that in my opinion is the best possible learning experience.

Akansha Surve Student

Being frameboxx student I am very happy with frameboxx. After lock down frameboxx started all theory lecture online, lecture are going good ,I am awaiting for classroom's practical lecture,it's really feel great to be a part of frameboxx and the teachers are very well and supportive . Frameboxx Thane .

shriraj bhange Student

Have a good faculty.understandingconcept are forcefully by the ma'am.best thing is that whenever we want for practice.

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