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VFX Courses In Sanpada The VFX And Animation program focuses on a variety of animation, visual effects, graphics design, cartoons, video games, and other related fields. The candidates learn how to create high-quality graphics and animated visuals for games, movies, television shows, and other media using a variety of tools and techniques. In the technical field, these courses are also required to design website graphics.

People who look for imaginative positions in the specialized, publicizing or movement fields can think about VFX and Liveliness programs. With these programs, you can use animation, graphics, and other visual tools to express your creativity. Additionally, it provides excellent employment opportunities in a variety of entertainment and technology fields.

The VFX & Animation program is in high demand right now in India. Also, anyone who has the necessary skills and qualifications can easily get the best jobs with good pay. The VFX and Activity subject is dynamic dislike the mainline occupations. However, anyone can rapidly advance in their career path. In this manner, competitors keen on games, kid’s shows, and movements should select a VFX and Liveliness course.

Overview of VFX And Animation 

The VFX And Animation undergraduate professional course is open to students who have passed the 10+2 or equivalent exam from a recognized board. The length of the VFX and Movement course is 3 years. To continue in this course, students must have earned at least 50% of the grade. The students in the VFX & Animation course learn how to be experts in both 2D and 3D animation. In addition, the students receive instruction and instruction in the various aesthetics of VFX. Students in visual effects also learn to storyboard, composit, design comics, infographics, and other related skills.

Students with an artistic bent and a creative approach will enjoy taking the VFX & Animation course. In order for the students to be successful animators or VFX artists, they need a variety of skill sets. They must be observant of their surroundings and have a keen eye for detail. The technical skills taught at the graduation level are supported by imagination and observation skills. To succeed in animation and art, students need to be experts in all of these skills.

Students who are interested in pursuing careers in the VFX and animation industries must be aware of the most recent trends. To demonstrate their worth, they must be familiar with all software used in the industry at the moment. The students must be capable of comprehending the fundamentals of design and physics, be technically sound, and have good visual awareness. Students who want to become VFX artists need to know how animation, graphics, visual effects, and design are used to turn raw footage into a full-length movie or commercial.

About Frameboxx


Our journey started in the year 2008, with a vision of becoming India’s leading education brand in the animation industry. A team of spirited entrepreneurs and passionate educators came together to create Frameboxx. Our governing council comprised of technical experts and experienced trainers, is headed by Mr. Rajesh R. Turakhia,who has experience of over 20 years in Animation and Visual Effects industry, he has created two of the leading brands in this field.Under his mentorship, his institutes have given over one lac artists to the Animation and VFX industry. The venture was financially backed by one of the most influential names in the industry, Mr. Manmohan Shetty. 

Collaborations with internationally acclaimed technologists and various animation and VFX studios for internships helped us gain a breakthrough in the job market. Internationally acclaimed Mr. Steve Wright helped us in this journey by writing an international quality course curriculum for us. Eminent filmmaker Mr. Kireet Khurana was empaneled as the head of the Frameboxx Governing Council which is formed up of industry leaders such as Ashish S.K. and Pankaj Khandpur.We are India’s first multi location brand to have a studio as partner. Our head office is awarded the ‘Centre of Excellence’ recognition by MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council). 

We are Authorised Study Centre for YCMOU (The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University) for conducting Degree Courses.Our biggest strength: Frameboxx is the only national training studio that is owned and run by Industry professionals.

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1.Introductory Animation

This animation course in Animation exposes students to a range of traditional and digital techniques used in stop-motion, claymation, 2-D or 3-D computer animation. Students develop observation and drawing skills and learn the basic principles and mechanics behind animation after studying the fundamentals of character design, layout and storyboarding.

2.Storyboarding for Animation

Through this animation storyboard, students learn basic animation principles and mechanics, develop observation and drawing skills, and study the fundamentals of character design, layout, and storyboarding in this class. Storyboards are created for each animated character and a rough version of the animation is put together. This practice is called animatics

3.Computer Animation:

In Animation course, through computer animation, students learn to create synthesized animation on computer. Computer generated lighting and backgrounds are used along with original characters developed by the students. Computer animation production techniques are used for a short animation project.

4.Animation Through History:

In this course in animation, students learn how the styles and techniques in animation have changed over time. Animation Review from the first animated films to feature feature length animation gives student perspective on this rapidly changing art form. This is an optional course.

Full details of VFX Courses In Sanpada  admission, scope, career, jobs and salary

Animation course Under the animation course, both diploma and degree courses come. The duration of animation diploma course is one year, while the duration of degree course is three years. There are different types of courses like

How do I apply for VFX and animation admission?

Admissions for VFX and animation are based on the candidate’s choice of curriculum or course. The entrance requirements and processes vary for each course. Candidates must first review the college’s basic eligibility requirements before reviewing the admissions procedure for that specific college or institution. Additionally, the candidates must have finished their 12th grade in order to meet the minimal entrance requirements. The application procedures for VFX and animation vary based on the programme.

After clearing the class 10 Board Exams, candidates can apply for admission to the Certification in VFX & Animation programme, which lasts for two months.
After graduating from class twelve, candidates can apply for admission to various certificate programmes or diploma programmes in VFX & Animation by paying the necessary fees at the

What is 3D Animation:

3D animation is a type of animation that uses computerized images to create animated scenes. Compared to 2D animation or traditional animation, 3D shows a lot more realism.

In Animation course, the educational qualification of the students taking admission in Animation course should be 10+2.

And must have 45% marks in 10+2.

You can choose courses like 2D Animation, 3D-Animation.

Some colleges conduct entrance examination for admission in animation course.

You can apply for Animation course on the basis of various entrance exams.

Top Colleges for Animation Course in India:

Frameboxx Animation Institute VFX Courses In Sanpada

Scope and career after animation:-

After doing animation course, you go to different fields, after animation course, salary at fresher level can be from 15,000 – 18000. And after some experience your salary can be 40,000 to 50,000. And if you have a great work experience, and you are working for a big company, then your salary can increase further.

Animation Course Modules

VFX Course Modules


In the era of prevailing creative art schools, redefining the age old training methods was necessary. A fresh approach to the training system was required. To fill this vacuum, Frameboxx was established with a vision to create industry-ready artists. Over the last decade, we have produced versatile digital artists across the globe.We offers skill-based curricula to help students specialize their careers in Animation, VFX (Visual Effects), Game asset Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Multimedia, Broadcast design and other related creative and technical sectors. 

Our skill-based training comprises of degree and specialized certificate courses that enhance professional competence and provides distinguished learning.Our course curriculum is the perfect mix of theory and practical sessions to learn the aesthetic values with real life problem solving techniques. Innovation and a team of experienced and passionate instructors is the core strength of our training studio. To reinforce the curriculum we regularly conduct Master class sessions through leading industry evangelists


To get the best out of you, you will be trained to enhance your creative and technical skills. This process takes a final shape when we provide you with industry specific assignments to work on. You will fetch the benefit of practically experiencing the creative process of the digital entertainment industry. Various projects will keep you abreast with the new technology and media.Learning the latest trends in Animation, VFX (Visual Effects), Game asset Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Multimedia, Broadcast Design, and Film Making will help you in building a lucrative career in new digital age. 

Our versatile training and personal mentoring focuses on mastering various technical and interpersonal skills.As stated earlier, we match the latest technological trends with our techniques to contribute in the growth of the student. Bringing fresh energy to our processes and emphasizing on our core strengths is a vital part of our mission. User-friendly working environment and quality training programs act as an artistic merit of our training studio. 

Training through experienced trainers practical exposure, working on live projects are contributing in the process of overall professional development of our students. Today, we have built an atmosphere that opens new gateways of creativity and innovation for our students. Frameboxx has one of the most transparent placement portals that provides career opportunities to its students in leading Animation and VFX studios all over India. 

Our students have worked on prestigious Hollywood and Bollywood feature film projects in studios such as DNEG, Technicolor, Prime Focus, Framestore, Pixel Digital Studios, Rockstar, Red Chillies VFX, Weta Digital, Accenture, Dreamworks, Legend, Makuta Visual Effects, MPC, Viacom 18 , Golden Robot, NY VFXWAALA, Tata Elxsi, Deluxe, Tau Films, Vistaprint, Bubble Creations, After, Labyrinth, philmCGI to name a few. Become a part of this journey. Learn to animate your imagination and explore new dimensions of the digital world.

Be a Frameboxxer. Become an Expert.


Vfx Courses In Thane

Qualification For Vfx Animation Course - VFX Courses In Sanpada

It is not necessary to have much education for animation course. If you are 12th pass from any stream, then you can do Animation course. Master’s degree in animation or graduate is necessary for post graduate course. Along with this, you should have basic knowledge of computer and drawing.

Here we are going to tell you in detail about the animation course. You can do any of these courses. Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificate courses are available in Animation.

Bachelor Degree Course

Bachelor Degree Animation Course

Bsc in animation

Bsc in multimedia and animation

BA in Animation & graphic design

BA in Animation & CG Arts

BA in Animation & Digital Film making

Bsc in Animation & VFX

Bsc in animation and gaming

Bsc in animation & digital film making

Bachelor of Visual arts & Animation

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Web and Graphic Design

Animation Diploma Courses

Diploma in Animation

Diploma in 3D Animation

Diploma in 2D Animation

Diploma in Visual Arts

Diploma in Digital Film Making

Diploma in Animation and Film making

Diploma in CG Film Making

Diploma in Animation & VFX

Diploma in Animation, Video editing & Post production

Diploma in Animation & Gaming

Diploma in Multimedia & Animation


Certificate Animation Course

Certificate in Animation

Certificate course in VFX

Certificate course in 3D Animation

Certificate Course in 2D Animation

Certificate course in Graphic design & visual effects

Certificate Course in CG Arts


Master’s Course in Animation

Msc in animation

Msc in Multimedia and Animation

Msc in Animation and Digital Film Making

Msc in Visual Effects

MA in Animation and Multimedia

MA in Digital Film Making

PG Diploma in Multimedia and Animation


Skills For Career in Animation - VFX Courses In Sanpada

Creativity, critical thinking, computer and software skills, drawing and sketching, team work are all essential skills for students pursuing a career in animation.

What is VFX Visual Effects?

You must have seen Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raavan and most recently the films Bahuwali and Bahuwali 2. VFX Visual Effects have been used a lot in all these. The use of VFX is common in Hollywood. A Hollywood movie cannot be made without VFX.

You must have seen scenes of heroes flying in the clouds, heroin, cars flying in the air, humans fighting with dangerous animals, huge buildings falling due to earthquakes, planes crashing in the sky, etc. Seeing them, you would also be thinking that how would these actors do such dangerous stunts. But let us tell you that these scenes are fictional and not real. Which are made with the help of computer and software. Which we call VFX in the language of film industry.

These thrilling and dangerous scenes are possible only with the help of VFX animation. Visual Effects can be a very good career option for those people who are interested in this type of work. Let us tell you that there is no need to actually shoot that scene to film the visual effect. All this is easily done with the help of computer and software.

Such film scenes which are impossible, but if you see them in films, then it is the result of Visual Effects. In a way, VFX is a computer generated image called CGI. If you still do not understand what VFX is, then we will explain you through an example.

Suppose we need a scene in a film in which a person is flying in the sky. But in reality this is not possible because humans cannot fly. In such a situation, such a scene is made using computer and software.

Career Scope in VFX (Visual Effects) – VFX Courses In Sanpada

Earlier, visual effects were used only in Hollywood films. But in today’s time it is being used fiercely in the Indian film industry. There can be great opportunities for visual effects experts. Along with this, there are excellent job opportunities for visual effects professionals in the gaming industry as well.

After doing VFX course, you can do job in digital film making i.e. animation film studios, ad film production house, TV serial production house, game designing industry, Bollywood film industry, TV channel etc. Apart from this, you can also earn a lot in this field as a freelancer. In this way, there are plenty of career opportunities in this field.

In this field, at the salary entry level, you get a salary between 15 to 30 thousand. Along with experience, your salary also increases. After having good experience, you can easily get salary between 70 thousand to 1 lakh. If you are working in Hollywood or Bollywood films then you will play in crores.

What is taught in VFX course?

Under this course, information is given about the subjects related to animation, designing, lighting, modeling, life drawing, visual effects, layering, rendering, etc.

Skills for Career in VFX Visual Effects




software skills



communication skin

software used in vfx

Maya Autodesk

Adobe After Effects

Autodesk 3ds Mask

Pixar RenderMan

Apple Final Cut Pro

Adobe Creative Cloud


VFX Courses In Sanpada Student Video Testimonials

VFX Courses In Sanpada Student Review

Utkarsh Juwatkar Student

I am currently doing degree course - bachelor in science animation and multimedia at frameboxx 2.0 thane branch. It is not just an institute for me. Here, creativity and individual talent is encouraged. I am currently learning graphic designing as a first year student under our very capable Dimple ma'am, who really makes grasping things easier for us and at a pace that every student can understand. The rest of the faculty too, is so skilled and disciplined at their work yet at the same time very wasy going when it comes to doubt solving . They provide solutions to our problems at an individual level and that in my opinion is the best possible learning experience.

Akansha Surve Student

Being frameboxx student I am very happy with frameboxx. After lock down frameboxx started all theory lecture online, lecture are going good ,I am awaiting for classroom's practical lecture,it's really feel great to be a part of frameboxx and the teachers are very well and supportive . Frameboxx Thane .

shriraj bhange Student

Have a good faculty.understandingconcept are forcefully by the ma'am.best thing is that whenever we want for practice.

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