vfx training in thane (2024) : Career And Opportunities

VFX Training In Thane VFX Training In Thane Career in VFX- If you are dreaming of making a career in VFX i.e. Visual Effects, then in this post we will tell you in detail about VFX (Visual Effects) Me Career kaise banaye. Here you will get all the information related to this course. Like what is the career scope in VFX, which course is necessary to make a career in this field. Which are the best colleges for the course and Where will I get a job after completing the course? VFX Training In Thane VFX stands for Visual Effects. As the name suggests, these are the special effects that are applied to Music Videos, YouTube Videos, Advertisements, Games and Movies post-production to make them more presentable. The VFX is a perfect example of high-end technology. Various software are used to insert extra effects in videos and movies. The application of VFX helps in the creation of many scenes, which could not have been possible in reality. In other words, it makes things look real in a convenient way and at a lesser cost. The VFX industry is rising at a fast pace, owing to a number of reasons including growing OTT platforms, the Bollywood industry, the Music industry and the Gaming industry. The increased use of the internet and smartphones due to digitalisation is another emerging cause for the expansion of VFX usage. The future prospects of the Animation and VFX industry are very promising. The constant growth of social media and digital web series can be seen as the prominent factors that can drive this segment to another level. According to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) report, the Indian animation and VFX industry has witnessed a rise of over 50 per cent in the past one year. This figure is expected to rise further in the coming years and the Indian VFX industry will be ready to compete the international level. The VFX studios are also witnessing a constant rise. The students, who are interested to take forward their skills and shine their careers in this industry, can pursue professional courses in offering by a number of Animation and VFX colleges and institutes. What is VFX Visual Effects? You must have seen Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raavan and most recently the films Bahuwali and Bahuwali 2. VFX Visual Effects have been used a lot in all these. The use of VFX is common in Hollywood. A Hollywood movie cannot be made without VFX. You must have seen scenes of heroes flying in the clouds, heroin, cars flying in the air, humans fighting with dangerous animals, huge buildings falling due to earthquakes, planes crashing in the sky, etc. Seeing them, you would also be thinking that how would these actors do such dangerous stunts. But let us tell you that these scenes are fictional and not real. Which are made with the help of computer and software. Which we call VFX in the language of film industry. These thrilling and dangerous scenes are possible only with the help of VFX animation. Visual Effects can be a very good career option for those people who are interested in this type of work. Let us tell you that there is no need to actually shoot that scene to film the visual effect. All this is easily done with the help of computer and software. Such film scenes which are impossible, but if you see them in films, then it is the result of Visual Effects. In a way, VFX is a computer generated image called CGI. If you still do not understand what VFX is, then we will explain you through an example. Suppose we need a scene in a film in which a person is flying in the sky. But in reality this is not possible because humans cannot fly. In such a situation, such a scene is made using computer and software. VFX Training In Thane Career Scope in VFX (Visual Effects) -VFX Training In Thane Earlier, visual effects were used only in Hollywood films. But in today’s time it is being used fiercely in the Indian film industry. There can be great opportunities for visual effects experts. Along with this, there are excellent job opportunities for visual effects professionals in the gaming industry as well. After doing VFX course, you can do job in digital film making i.e. animation film studios, ad film production house, TV serial production house, game designing industry, Bollywood film industry, TV channel etc. Apart from this, you can also earn a lot in this field as a freelancer. In this way, there are plenty of career opportunities in this field. In this field, at the salary entry level, you get a salary between 15 to 30 thousand. Along with experience, your salary also increases. After having good experience, you can easily get salary between 70 thousand to 1 lakh. If you are working in Hollywood or Bollywood films then you will play in crores. VFX Course In Thane VFX Course In Thane You can work in the following positions in the VFX industry – VFX Training In Thane animator compositor lighting artist modeling artist production assistant matchmove artist matt painter texture artist vfx supervisor vfx director vfx team lead weapon designer environment designer accessories designer ringing artist roto artist VFX (Visual Effects) training in thane qualification To become a career in this field, the candidate should be 12th pass from any stream. After this, courses like certificate, degree and diploma can be done in VFX. Duration of certificate course is 3 to 6 months and diploma course is 12 to 15 months and duration of bachelor’s degree is 3 years and master’s degree is 2 years. VFX (Visual Effects)  Diploma in VFX Diploma in 3D Animation & VFX Bachelor in Visual Arts Master in Visual Arts Bsc animation and vfx MSc Animation & VFX BSc Animation, Gaming VFX advance program in vfx VFX