Welcome to the Webinar on Introduction to Blender.

Open-source software is catching every content creator’s eyes, due to its free access and open source development.

Blender has set a benchmark amongst all the open-source softwares available in the market today. May it be creating Films, Games, or any Digital 3D Artwork. Whether you are a professional or a student, if you are curious to know how to start working on Blender, then this webinar is for you.

This webinar will focus on Blender’s:
1. User Interface
2. Introduction to Asset creation tools
3. Eevee and Cycle rendering
4. Introduction to particle simulation

Followed by Live Q and A.

The Future of 3D Art Creation is open-source. Be a part of this webinar and understand why.

About the Speaker:
Ayushi Gandhi a 3D Asset Artist by profession and currently working at a leading studio in India. As a working professional, I have gained experience with both hard surface modeling and organics. Blender has been my choice of software since the get-go. It’s an emerging open-source, free to download 3D software which is competing with industry-leading software.

Portfolio link:

Details of the webinar are as follows.
Date: 13th June, Saturday, 2020
Time: 4.00 pm onwards

The webinar is over. Please check the recorded webinar.