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You may know the software and tools. But learning how to use the tools is not the only approach for a successful career in this industry. Have you ever wondered how is Amazing Visual Art developed for the International award-winning movies? And how are such engaging ideas imagined for games? Do you think it’s just the tools or the software?

Don’t just research over the internet and get confusing answers.

Join Animation | Gaming | Visual Effects – beyond the technique – An interactive discussion on important skills in visual arts beyond just the technique with Mr. Ranjit Singh. He is an eminent personality of the Indian Animation Industry.

This free webinar will address a lot of questions including:
– When to start planning your career?
– Which are the tools of the trade?
– The importance of formal art/drawing knowledge.
– The right approach to visual thinking and ideation.
– How do you conceptualize a story?
– What is design management, and why should artists pay attention to it?
and much more.

Do not miss this opportunity:

Speaker: Mr. Ranjit Singh (Tony)

Schedule: 28th May, Thursday, 2020

Time: 4.00 pm onwards

The webinar is over. Please check the recorded webinar.